Microsoft Dynamics AX is an end-to-end, enterprise resource management (ERP) solution designed to simplify multi-site operations. Based on trusted Microsoft technology, this business management solution allows you to connect with global subsidiaries and customers—empowering you to reach your business' potential.

Every business is a people business. At the heart of every successful business are the people who make things happen. And, in HR, it's your job to attract and retain the very best talent, plus keep current employees as positive and productive as possible. No easy task.

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you get intuitive tools—plus role-based, personalized dashboards and key performance indicators targeted to the specific jobs people do. This can make their jobs easier and gives you immediate, clear, and controlled visibility into the info you need most.

Connect and unlock social, organizational, and operational intelligence that can inspire innovation, interactions, and collaboration for better and faster results.

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