LetsPlace encapsulates intelligent solution strands for Recruitment Process Automation through its path-breaking research and patented business-aligned technology giving the power to conduct recruitment end to end using brains, brawns and a serene art of human dynamics embedded at every process turn in the requisition to hire recruitment cycle.

LetsPlace integrates with all the new-age sources for hiring talents:

LetsPlace has the setup to work in-line towards your Talent Acquisition Targets and through the processes in achieving them. Either it be a special recruitment drive or standard talent acquisition program, LetsPlace is intelligently geared to manage the recruitment processes for the perfect results.

Jobs in LetsPlace could be drafted with three different preference groups and in multi-dimensional metrics. The requirement specifications mentioned here would fuel the LetsEvaluate mapping system.

LetsPlace is brought to you by Lets Corp, a revolutionary enterprise in architecting new frontiers of business and technology. Headquartered in Singapore and promoted by leaders from Fortune100 companies, Lets Corp helps clients in diverse industries enhance performance, comply with complex regulations, reduce costs, recover from distress, leverage cutting-edge technology, and stimulate growth. The Company teams with its clients to deliver sustainable and measurable results.

Extended Value added services are provided in the "search and screen" process of Talent Acquisition utilizing Lets Place Solution for a fees that is only a fraction of what conventional Placement and Recruitment companies charge. For more details Contact Us