LetsCareerUp – Brief, Features and Benefits

LetsCareerUp, the flagship Career Management Solution Portal is an eco-system based technology solutions portal that combines state of the art features, functionalities and user experience that helps connect the Talent Supply Chain with all of its constituent elements and stakeholders – The Students/Candidates, The Employers, the Academia and third party verifiers, weaving together a robust solutions approach to effectively eliminate the Industry-Academia-Student gap in Employability and Opportunity. It uses a variety of patents and IPRs owned by Lets Corp, globally. Each stakeholder in the eco-system is conceived to have its own Solution Journey. For example – the Academia's functionalities include features that allow an educational institute to monitor the progress of every student and benchmark against the Industry, Create course catalogues and build Admission Pipelines. These are just some examples of the innovations we have built for the Academia.

Similarly from an Employer’s standpoint – accessing a large database of students and candidates and creating Demand Pipeline for future HR requirements is another industry first. The roles created by an employer is an intelligent concoction of Skills, Competencies and Attributes. It tries as much to delink from the Dogmas of today’s recruitment conventions. Every role is then attached to the Demand Forecasting module. This integrates into a comprehensive demand planning for the Industry, across all industries.

From a Student/Candidate perspective, building an intelligent Profile for themselves which is a culmination of their Preferences, Skills, wants and demographics, Exploring various opportunities across Functions and Industries, Committing to Career Paths that are most attractive to them, Monitoring their own progress real-time (Parents, in the case of Minor Students) based on Real time intelligence from the industry feeds (demand strengths, compensation indicators, etc) is another huge step in the direction of integrating the Talent Supply Chain. Students connect with others on similar career paths, or simply find friends and chat; they can find Mentors from Industry to get connected online and get a view of Industry and Academic events to participate too. They can even apply for courses online and explore various research opportunities.

All of this combined with a strong Suite of Verification based Candidate/Student database provides the much needed validation that is currently a matter of abuse in most of the other portals and solutions.

This will be the World’s first most comprehensive way of dealing with the construct of Talent Management at both a Macro (Government) level and a succinctly scrupulous Micro level (Candidate/Student) too. As a demonstration of the Industry Game-Changer that we evoke today, Lets Corp is at advanced stage of discussions for implementing LetsCareerUp for an entire country domiciled in the ASEAN region

LetsCareerUp is the World’s first Integrated Career Network.