LetsCareerUp is a Career Management System that brings Students, Academia and Employers together into a Career ecosystem. It is a solution journey that assists the Academia and Employer with students and candidates at the centre, where they can chart out their career path at a very early stage. A socio-economic journey, LetsCareerUp intends to add to the community well-being, by inventorizing the whole world. Taking an ecosystem approach LetsCareerUp weaves an intricate framework where no one is isolated. It assists all the stakeholders appropriately to work in tandem towards a common goal. LetsCareerUp has all customer pain points mapped to overcome the sharp disconnect between supply and demand that exists currently.


  • Social Connect
  • Referral Management
  • Career Navigation
  • Industry Opportunities
  • Career Progress
  • Career Predictive Analysis


  • Add courses and subjects
  • Conduct Events
  • Industry Relations
  • Student Sourcing
  • Verify Students
  • View Placed Students


  • Refined candidate search options
  • Provide project internship opportunities
  • Express interest in students
  • Demand Forecast
  • Build Divisions
  • Add Division Roles