The economic inequality:

The fundamental concept of economic theories post barter-era have always revolved around the distribution of wealth back to a convoluted core that creates it – viz., capital investment; while in actual reality, in the process of the creation of wealth, we must infer that there are a few other important stake-holders who contribute for not only the creation but also the sustenance of that wealth creation paradigm.

A happy society:

Lets Corp works towards neutralizing this ratio between the line of equality and its Lorenz curve through a practical and efficient wealth re-distribution theory. To learn more about the revolutionary initiative please email the Research program head at: [email protected]


Our Mission is to transform the Human Resources Supply Chain eco-system across the value creation phases of an individual's Career Journey. We will achieve the Transformation through Fundamental Study of Human Dynamics, Applied Research, Evolutionary Economics and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) led Innovations Strategy, deploying Technology as the key driver for change.